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(Clay Treatment, Paint Correction, Glaze and Paint Protection)


Each vehicle is assessed first to determine the type of polishing required. We have a thorough understanding of various types of paint defects (explained here for more info). Depending on the type of defect and condition of the paint, an appropriate method following the least-aggressive principle will be used to achieve a showroom finish that we aim for. 

Our polishing process leverages a variety of professional detailing products. Most of our products are sourced internationally to ensure that the correct products are used for the desired application. We have also sourced professional equipment that is fit for purpose and are supported by the manufacturer, along with training, on-going support and other ad hoc assistance.

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating refers to a very thin (but strong and extremely shiny) transparent layer of protection that is carefully applied to the exterior surface of your vehicle’s paint (clear coat). Most ceramic coatings utilise nanotechnology, which refers to very tiny particles. When applied to a painted surface, they seal the pores of the clear coat, thus making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), and also resistant to UV, light scratches, chemicals and extreme heat.

We offer a range of professional grade ceramic coatings which are carefully selected based on various factors such as the condition of the vehicle’s paint, the age of the vehicle and the type of surface. For example, some ceramic coatings are designed and manufactured to be applied specifically on paint (clear coat), whilst others are designed for vinyl or paint protection film surfaces. Rest assured, that your vehicle is in good hands and we are happy to discuss the various options, advantages and/or disadvantages of ceramic coatings. 

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