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Our FULL VALET includes a thorough deep clean of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Whether you are buying, keeping or selling your vehicle, we strongly recommend our full valet service to ensure that your car is looking and smelling its best all year round, or for you to experience that “new car” feeling when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. 

The services below highlight the areas of cleaning that are included in our Full Valet:

  • Ultimate car wash which includes the following:
    • Pre-sanitise
    • Pre-rinse 
    • Wheel arch clean
    • Wheel clean
    • Pre-foam wash
    • Final foam wash
    • Final rinse
    • Microfiber dry
    • Tyre dressing
    • Exterior window wipe
    • Interior vacuum
    • Interior wipe - mirror, visor, dash, door, seats and trim
    • Interior wipe - door hinges, under boot lid, petrol cover etc.
    • Interior window wipe
    • Interior air freshener (upon request)
  • Under chassis pressure rinse
  • Engine dry wipe and dressing
  • Carpet deep scrub and steam extraction
  • Seat scrub and steam extraction
  • Hood lining wipe and spot stain removal
  • Clutch, brake and accelerator pedals steam cleaned
  • Steam clean inside door hinges, handles, under boot lid, inside petrol cover, air vents, cubby, storage, spare wheel.
  • Steam clean bumper and grills
  • Windows and sunroof cleaned
  • Wiper blades cleaned
  • Leather treatment and conditioner
  • Leather protection
  • Black trim UV dressing (non-silicon)
  • Odor removal and air refresher (*best effort)
  • Full valet excludes detailing/polishing, which can be selected/added from the detailing menu if required.

WARNING: Valet cleaning is carried out at OWNERS RISK! Whilst every precaution is taken, we do not take responsibility for any damage caused (either directly or indirectly) during the valet process.

Duration: 1-2 days (depending on size of vehicle)

Valet - Precision Glaze
Valet - Precision Glaze
Valet - Precision Glaze
Valet - Precision Glaze

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