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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the professional nature of our detailing services, Precision Glaze does not offer any mobile services. Customer vehicles are detailed at our workshop which is fully equipped with specialised detailing tools, lighting, dedicated wash bays, and trained staff. Mobile services often fall short when considering these important factors.

We are fully booked on most days and recommend that clients contact us in advance to confirm a booking and avoid disappointment. 

A booking in advance is also recommended because the condition of every vehicle is unique and requires a different detailing approach to ensure that the most suitable detailing service is applied. 

Kindly contact 083 266 3869 or to make a booking.

Auto detailing describes the process of thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle in an effort to improve its overall appearance. 

The ultimate aim of auto detailing is to restore the paintwork of your vehicle by eliminating minor scratches or swirl marks and achieving a high gloss shine which leaves your car looking almost brand new - like it did when you first drove it out of the dealership show room.

A major benefit of auto detailing is maintaining the overall value of your vehicle. At Precision Glaze, we strive to restore your vehicle to its original beauty and ultimately increase its resale value.

Our detailing services include paint correction which removes swirl marks, minor scratches and paint defects within the clear coat of your vehicle's paint. Our trained detailing technicians make use of a wide variety of professional grade polishing compounds and buffing machines to correct paint defects in the clear coat of your vehicle. 

If the scratch or defect has penetrated through the clear coat it will not be possible to correct it though polishing methods. 

A scratch is considered to be too deep if your finger nail gets caught when lightly running over the surface of the scratch. In this case (if the scratch is too deep) it may need a respray by a panel beater.

Read our Blog here which explains common paint defects in more detail. 

No, Precision Glaze focuses strictly on auto detailing services only. We do not offer any repairs, touch-up or panel beating services. A key advantage of focusing our efforts on auto detailing services only is that our detailing technicians are professionally trained to provide the best quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. 

Most detailing experts suggest a detail every 6-12 months which equates to 1-2 times a year. However this detailing frequency depends on the type of car care that takes place between details.

For example, key considerations include how often your car is used and for what purpose?

  • Is your car typically parked in a closed garage or parked outside exposed to harsh weather conditions?
  • How often is your car washed, and more importantly what type of wash methods are used (harsh chemicals or contaminated wash cloths can easily damage the clear coat of your car). 
  • Is your car interior exposed to odors such as smoking?
  • Does your car often travel on dirt/gravel roads or exposed to excessive dust or sand? 

We also recommend that a wax is applied regularly between details to help ensure that your car is protected against contaminants that may have settled on the surface of your car's paintwork.

It stands to reason that the more often your car is detailed, the better it will look. Properly maintaining your car will help it retain its value, especially if you decide to sell or trade it in for another vehicle. 

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