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Car wash

Our Full Service Car Wash forms the foundation of our detailing service because every vehicle goes through our car wash before we attempt to detail the vehicle. 

Our number one priority in the wash bay (and other areas) is to carry out the wash without causing new or further damage to the vehicle paintwork and other surfaces. It is for this reason that each vehicle is assessed thoroughly prior to commencing with the wash process. 

Our car wash chemicals have been carefully selected to ensure that they do not harm the interior and exterior surface of vehicles. The ultimate foam wash is also PH balanced (neutral) to ensure that it does not compromise any existing protection such as wax or other polymer sealants. We also offer a decontamination wash (used when necessary) to remove above surface contaminants such as iron particles, industrial fall out, bird and tree droppings. 

Car wash area - Precision Glaze
Audi in car wash - Precision Glaze

The services below highlight the areas of cleaning that are included in our Car Wash:

  • Ultimate foam wash & dry
  • Mag wash
  • Wheel arch wash
  • Tyre shine dressing (non-silicon)
  • Black trim UV dressing (non-silicon)
  • Interior vacuum and wipe
  • Wiper blades wiped
  • Window and sun roof wipe (interior and exterior)
  • Dash and trim wipe (excludes leather treatment)
  • Air freshener spray (upon request)
Audi in car wash - Precision Glaze

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