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Does your new car need a detail? 

One would expect that when buying a brand-new car, it should be delivered in pristine condition without any defects or imperfections in the paint work, after all it is a brand-new car. This blog attempts to unpack the process that often takes place in relation to your car’s paint surface before you drive off the showroom floor in your shiny new car. 

At Precision Glaze, we receive many requests from car enthusiasts seeking advice as to whether their new car should be detailed. We also come across many people who are of the opinion that a new car should only need a detail two or three years later. The answer to this question depends largely on the condition of the paint surface upon delivery, as well as your expectations and commitment to protecting your car’s shiny look and feel in the years to come. Based on our experience in detailing all types and makes of cars, we strongly recommend that a new car be detailed as soon as possible to preserve its shiny appearance and protect the paint surface from harsh contaminants.

Can Precision Glaze help assess a vehicle before I decide to purchase it? 

Precision Glaze is conveniently situated near many car dealerships in Sandton, Bryanston, and surrounding areas within the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Our clients often request us to assess a new vehicle at a dealership showroom (that is near our car detailing workshop) before they commit to the purchase of a new vehicle. Precision Glaze is prepared to assist in this regard (within reason) and provided that the client has made the necessary arrangements with the salesperson at the dealership (including necessary permission and approvals if required). This may come across as too extreme or unnecessary to most people, however we feel that a new car should be delivered in a showroom condition and this assessment process helps avoid any potential disappointment that may occur after your purchase. 

What happens to my car before I take delivery?

Let us consider the logistics involved from the time a completed car rolls of the factory production line until a customer takes delivery of their new car at a dealership showroom. A considerable length of time has lapsed with the car passing through many different intermediaries such as dealerships, open air transport, and outdoor storage facilities. Car manufacturers often apply a safety film (large sticker) to the exposed and high-risk areas of the vehicle to avoid damage during transport, however these pieces of safety film are removed once your car arrives at the local car dealership in your area. At the dealership, your car is then exposed to motor mechanics and technicians who conduct various pre-delivery adjustments, safety checks and roadworthy tests. 

Throughout this process, your new car is sure to attract a considerable amount of dust, dirt, and other contaminants which results in the car being washed and cleaned a few times. Often, this type of car wash facility is designed to process volumes instead of adhering to strict detailing care in preventing swirl marks and light scratches to the paint work. Thereafter, depending on the condition of the paint work, the dealership may apply a light detail including a polish that again focusses on quantity (often at the expense of quality). Polish and wax protection can often hide or cover minor swirl marks, light scratches, and other paint defects (that are often invisible to the naked eye in low light conditions). All these steps aim to increase the shine and overall appearance of the vehicle before it is moved on to the show room floor. It is important to note that NOT ALL car dealerships are guilty of this, however we have seen alarming increase in the number of vehicles that are not properly cared for prior to delivery. Some car dealerships are better than others and it is ultimately your choice to select a reputable car dealership that you are comfortable with. 

What happens to my car after I take delivery?

During the first few weeks and months, car fanatics who are excited about their new vehicle take extra care in ensuring that their vehicle is washed with utmost care and precision. An increasing number of clients are soon disappointed when they notice paint imperfections such as swirl marks in the paint surface (explained in our blog – click here to read more). These clients then embark on a search for a “car wash near me”, “car polish near me”, or “car detailing near me” to seek advice on how these imperfections could have occurred, and more importantly whether Precision Glaze can assist to restore their vehicle paint work to a show room shine and condition. In some cases, these paint imperfections were present prior to taking delivery of the vehicle where the polish application simply hid the imperfections prior to delivery. Once your car has been exposed to a few washes after delivery, the layer of polish or wax is gradually stripped off the paint surface, only to expose the paint defects and imperfections that were previously present.  

My car has paint defects and/or requires a good paint protection - how can Precision Glaze help?

Now that we know WHY your brand-new car needs a detail, your next decision is to choose a detailing centre that not only understands various types of defects but is also fully equipped and trained to remove the defects and/or apply the level of paint protection that meets your specific requirements (and budget). The removal of paint defects at Precision Glaze involves a process called paint correction (following the least aggressive principle) to ensure that the clear coat surface is not unnecessarily affected during the paint correction service.

Precision glaze specialises in the refinement, treatment, and protection of the paint work of vehicles. We also have a thorough understanding of various types of paint defects including methods for correcting these imperfections. Click here to read our blog about different types of paint defects. Clients may select from our menu of detailing services to restore or enhance the showroom shine to their vehicle. Precision Glaze can also assist you with a customised solution if one of our menu items do not fully cater for your specific requirements. Contact us today to find out more.

What paint protection options are available to assist in preventing paint defects on my vehicle? 

There are many different paint protection options available such as Paint Protection Film (PPF), Polymer/Synthetic Sealants such as wax, Ceramic Coatings etc. Each option comprises its own set of benefits and limitations and the paint protection choice for your vehicle ultimately resides with the you to determine what level of protection bests suits your requirements (and budget). Contact Precision Glaze today if you require further assistance and/or trustworthy advice in selecting a paint protection option that suits YOU. 

Precision Glaze specialises in the application of professional ceramic coatings and other polymer/synthetic sealants such as wax. Ceramic coatings add a strong (and very shiny) layer of protection between the clear coat of the paint and the external environment. Contrary to marketing efforts of many manufacturers, suppliers and detailing centres, even ceramic coatings have their limitations and it must be noted that ceramic coatings do not offer full proof protection against scratches and stone chips. A ceramic coating is simply a sacrificial barrier of protection to prevent fading (from UV) and other light contaminants from harming the paint work of your vehicle. A ceramic coating also includes hydrophobic properties which help make it easier to safely wash and dry the paint surface, but this does not mean that the car will not get dirty or that the car can be washed carelessly without causing damage to the ceramic coating and/or paint surface. Contact Precision Glaze today to enquire about our range of Professional Ceramic Coating services. 

In closing, we strongly recommend that your brand-new car be detailed as soon as practically possible, not only once, but at regular intervals. Investments need to be protected, so, the better protected your investment is the longer it will last you. Every car is different and its condition, the way it will be used and the way it will be maintained and cared for between details will determine the detailing service required.

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