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Professional Ceramic Coating

  • Premium Wash which includes the following:
    • Ultimate foam wash & dry
    • Mag wash
    • Wheel arch wash
    • Tyre shine dressing (non-silicon)
    • Black trim UV dressing (non-silicon)
    • Interior vacuum and wipe
    • Wiper blades wiped
    • Window and sun roof wipe (interior and exterior)
    • Dash and trim wipe (excludes leather treatment)
    • Air freshener spray (upon request)
  • Clay application (removes above surface bonded contaminants)
  • Machine compound (removes swirl marks and light paint defects/scratches)
  • Machine polish (restores color and depth)
  • Machine Glaze (achieve a deep, glossy, wet look finish)
  • Professional ceramic coating application (Choose between 5 year, 9 year or HALO)

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Crystal Serum Light and Ultra + C2 Liquid Crystal

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