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COVID-19 Update

A compulsory vehicle interior disinfection service (R150) will be added to ALL our Detailing Services (including car wash and valet services) effective immediately. This decision was taken in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 as well as to safeguard the health and safety of employees and clients. As a result, your vehicle will be disinfected before and after we conduct our services. 

Car wash only clients also have the option of choosing to not have the interior of their vehicles cleaned and disinfected to limit potential exposure in the vehicle interior. Our car wash price will be reduced accordingly (to exclude interior cleaning) and we will not charge the disinfection fee. Important: Clients who choose this option will be responsible for moving/driving their vehicles into and out of the wash bay. Therefore, clients may not leave their vehicle unattended at any time on our premises. If our staff are requested to move your vehicle, then the disinfection fee will apply where we will disinfect the vehicle before it is moved. 

In addition to the above-mentioned safeguards, Precision Glaze has also implemented the following COVID-19 related measures at our detailing centre (in accordance with government regulations):

  • Face masks are mandatory for staff and clients at all times in our workshop and showroom. 
  • A dedicated COVID-19 Sanitisation Station has been set up with hand sanitiser (for clients and employees) as well as additional PPE for employees. 
  • We have increased the cleaning of all surfaces with hospital grade disinfectants, with special focus on high-touch areas such as credit card machines, doors and handles.
  • Employees are pre-screened (temperature) before entering the workplace.
  • Employees are equipped with nitrile gloves, face masks, eye protection and face shields. 
  • Social distancing practices will be adhered to and staff are briefed on how to reduce spreading the virus. 
  • Vehicle keys will be disinfected and placed into a new, sealed plastic bag to reduce the chance of contamination.
  • All services (including car wash and valet services) must be pre-booked in advance by calling 083 266 3869. Drive in clients who do not have a booking will not be able to make use of our services on the same day.
  • We are operating under limited staff capacity (only 1/3 of our workforce) according to government regulations. As a result, the duration of our services will be extended depending on the type and nature of the service required. 

shineThank you for your understanding and support as we adapt to a new way of working and shining together shine

Covid-19 Sanitisation Station at Precision Glaze Sandton.

Covid-19 Sanitisation Station at Precision Glaze Sandton.

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